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Betting your skins on professional CS: GO -teams in the competetive scene, for example NiP, freecs4all.ru, Fnatic, LDLC, Dignitas, etc. I'll try to give some examples if you didn't understand the wiki part. You can't get knives from trade up contracts. CS: GO - HIGH RISK - Tradeup Contract #5. CS: GO - How to use/test all the vanilla knives for FREE! CS: GO - From knife to knife! SEASON.1 Recap! CS: GO - Fire Serpent or Golden Koi - Trade Up Contract. The Trade Up Contract, formerly known as the Arms Deal Contract, is a base grade tool available to all players after purchasing the game to generate new weapon skins. The trade up contract allows players to trade 10 normal or 10 StatTrak™ weapon skins of the same weapon grade from any.